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Leadership Skills Certificate

Leadership Skills Training is a Three-Day training certificate is designed to give everyday leaders the required skills to lead effectively.  This Three-Day training focuses on providing practical leadership skills including personal productivity, effective communication, leading conflict and developing team members.  This program allows participants to learn and understand essential leadership skills providing real-time scenarios with direct application of the core concepts.  This gives the participant the confidence to utilize the next day ready tools and skills.



Day 1: Core Leadership (8:30am - 4:30pm)

You Will Learn:


  • How to understand & assess core leadership strengths, weaknesses and blindspots

  • How to increase personal & team productivity 

  • How to lead vs how to manage

  • How to apply the 5 Levels of Leadership

  • How to develop ownership and accountability systems

Day 2: Productive Communication (8:30am - 4:30pm)


You Will Learn:

  • How to acquire critical listening skills

  • How to be tough on the problem without being tough on people

  • How to develop assertive and productive communication skills

  • How to apply the Communication Code to improve communication & commitment

  • How to develop key communication strategies to increase team effectiveness

Day 3: Team Development (8:30am - 4:30pm)

You Will Learn:

  • How to learn the key functions of an effective team

  • How to acquire and utilize the five key performance coaching skills

  • How to increase the competence and commitment of team members

  • How to increase employee engagement and buy-in

  • How to develop and execute systems of accountability


What Leaders Are Saying:

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3-Day Leadership Certificate,

June 11 (Core Leadership)

June 19 (Effective Communication) 

June 26 (Team Development)

Total Hours of Training: 21 Hours

Price: $899.00

What good is it to have a streamlined company wthout streamlined people? They are our most important asset and unfortunately, the investment in properly training employees is lacking. Sending our employees to one of Justin's courses has had a tremendous, long term impact on our people. It was one of the best investments our company has made!

                                     Garret Cupples,


As a result of Justin's Leadership Program and what I have learned, I have since agreed to be manager of four different programs within our agency.  It is like veils have been removed from in front of my eyes as I see the issues of upper and middle management in a brand new way.  I am not scared of the negativity and the lack of trust that I feel. 

                                            Linda Herron,